Milestones Programs for Children is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the highest quality care and educational opportunities for children. Milestones Programs for Children strives to be:

  A leader in the child care field
A provider of age-appropriate activities in a secure and stimulating environment
A provider of creative and innovative programming
A model of training and on-going professional development for staff members
A mutually supportive community made up of staff, volunteers, and families
A positive presence in the communities we serve


Milestones, Programs for Children, has a three-fold commitment to children, parents, and teachers that sets us apart.
  Children need a place where they are valued for who they are. A place where they can take risks and feel empowered when they have mastered new skills. A place where they can talk about their dreams and fears and know how important both are. A place where they learn that their actions have an impact on others and that compassion and empathy will be skills they need their entire life.
Parents need a place where they can feel confident knowing that their children are safe. A place that knows the importance of a partnership between home and school. A place that values the traditions, bonds, and ideas that families bring with them.
Teachers need a place where they can feel respected for the career they have chosen. A place where they are valued for their vision, their delight in children, their skill and knowledge, and their commitment to families.



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